Sale of Property

My husband was adopted by his Paternal uncle and aunt but not legally. He was staying with his Paternal uncle and aunt since his childhood as they didn't have any child of their own. The house we were living is in the name of my father's Paternal uncle. When he passed away my father's Paternal aunt write a will but unregistered will wherein she appointed my husband as legal heir for all her property as he was taking care of them. My husband passed away in 2000 while her Paternal aunt was surviving and she also died in 2002 without making any changes in her will. Now I am living in that house alone and I have two daughters who are married. I want to sell this house, kindly suggest the legal procedure. Important points: 1.Registry and TS1 certificate is in my husband's Paternal uncle's name who is dead 2. There is registered will by my husband's Paternal aunt in my husband's name..but he died before his Paternal aunt 3. Electricity and water bill are also in my husband's Paternal uncle's name Kindly help