Seeking help in extramarital affair issue.

Hello...I had formal sms and phone call relation with a culprit lady who is simultaneously dating me and a another man. Actually she is my childhood friend, so i was liking her. after getting married she contacted me and started to ask help in general matters like shopping, local transportation. Due to this I got attracted to her once again and we started chatting and calling like old days but i never did physical relation with her. She was only using me for her need like shopping and other luxurious things. Last year her husband got to know all this story. He snatch her phone and keep for evidence. Now she filed a divorce case against her husband and asked custody of child and maintenance money and marriage expense. Now her husband is calling me and that other person for that money and giving up threatening to beat. Based on SMS evidence he is asking for money. In this scenario what can I do? Can I filed police case against him to protect me. and can he file case on me against this matter? is there any legal difficulties for me? Request you to please help me, Regards, SG