This is Family and Property Issue

I am Rajan and currently working in IT, Tamil Nadu,India. This is all about my marriage life and cheating motivation at my wife’s parents. My marriage is actually a love cum arrange marriage. I have 2 years Kid boy. From the initially period, My wife parents intension was to make me to settled in their Native place, without knowing that original background, and trust on my wife's, love and affection, I have had gone to onsite for short duration frequently, with my wife acceptances, I went to onsite and earned and given entire onsite earned amount to my wife [Transferred to my father in Laws account] to buy a property Monthly 400000 Rs for a year, Totally worth of 40Lakhs. At one point of time, my wife has started to create more unwanted misunderstanding circumstance and with her parents advice and my wife has started to force me to come and settle at her Native place. Since, I had refused again and again her request, and because of her parent’s worst behaviour/Money minded. Suddenly, during my absence, when I was at onsite deputation, In my absence, My wife and her parents and had planned, did forgery and written the Land on my wife name, but I left it because of my son's life infront and execused and stayed at her home every weekend since my work location is 200KM from her home. But, My wife and her Parents had moved one step forward and tortured mentally me to come settle at her native completely and created lot of the problems. Also, I was staying at her home based on her request even though I have had rented the house at my work place. My wife and her parents forced me that I should not see my Parents at all and these talk went to some extended and started to abuse my parents by them and hence I had stopped to visiting them. now, 6 months before I have had given come and leave cases, but she has replied that land was purchased on her father money and my husband will kill me and kid if run life with him. like that... I have given money on trust on her and transferred to her father's account and for her i have given separately on her account for expense. I have only bank statement for the money which i have given to her father. will my kid [ 2 year Boy] come to me under my custody ? my money will come to me whatever I given as fund transfer [30L] earned by doing hard work ? Please advice.