Divorce related matter

Hi, I am married since feb 2012. I have a son born on Oct 2102. My wife has bipolar disorder/ dipression/ mental issue since before marraige. This matter was not told before. Only told all is ok. After one month of marriage, i came to know this when she visited doctor on this issue. BY that she got conceived. I was not in agree to carry the baby. But doctor and her family told, after baby all will be ok. Due to marriage and conceiving, all happening. But nothing changed. She doest do anything for me or child. She keep sleeping. I dont have any family life. I am in very bad condition. I dont feel any good to stay with her. She and her family cheated me. MY marriage was arranged marraige but all decision was taken by myself. She dont support, cant talk with her, she sleeps aleast 20 hrs in 24 hrs of day. Sometime, she is ok for few days but it reapeated without any sign. my life got ruined. I am moving hongkong too. I wanted to take divorce. Otherwaise i am as good as dead. Advice how to solve and divorce.