HI, I am pankaj sansanwal 30 year old from new delhi i got married in December 2011 after 2-3 months my wife had a quarrel with my mom and she went back to her home and stayed there for 6 months. After promising her that i will live separately with her she came back with me and we started living in dwarka but there also after two months one day she asked me to drop her to her sister's house which i did and after that i left for office. But while driving i received a call from her demanding recage which i said i will get it done after reaching office, but she started calling me money minded since then we are living separately without any communication from her side although i used to send her messages on every occasion and once visited her parental home to console her to come back but she denied this was in the same month in which she left me, now my parents want me to get married to someone else and for that i need a divorce . i want to know that how should i proceed and what all should i keep in mind.