Dispute in ancestrol property regarding illegal construction

Sir/Madam, my grandfather had purchased a piece of land in the name of my grandmother, & after the demise of my grandmother my grandfather remarried & made a deed that my step grandmother will nherit 25% of the land(property) & the remaining 75% will be divided among the 4 sons & 4 daughters of my grandmother(owner)almost 20 yrs ago my father constructed a small building on the land which includes shares of my father & his two sister who donated the same to us.however my uncles are constucting a building on the remaining land with the help of local unauthorised contactors. my points of concern/ dispute - the property was not divided equaly & no mutation was done till date & that particular land contains also our little amount of share. the construction is getting on adjoining to our building & I just want proper mutation to be done & we get our share to be fenced by a boundary wall & no ventilation of there building in front our windows as there are ladies , childrens & senior citizen resides in my family & last but not the least a stay order on that particual illegal construction till the proper distribution been done in the presence of surveyor as per the court of law. please suggest as soon as possible we are very much worried