I am dismissed by a Bank on a charge of my being manager I prepar

I was a Manager of a leading Bank and I am dismissed from he Bank on the grounds ttat I prepared fraudulent vouchers in the Bank,the AGM being my controller. and he has sgned the vouchers and he has admitted signng the vochers before the CBI Court. Now I am challenging the Dismissal Order on he grounds that the vuchers stated to be fraudulent, have been duly signed by the AGM and he has admitted this before the CBI Court. I am putting before the High Curt the Depositions of two AGMs, both have admitted having signed the vouchers. What is the chance of the High Court Quashing the dismissal ordr It may be stated that the CBI Court without taking into account the depositions of both the AGMs has convicteed me and I have filed criminal application before High Court saying that all the vouchers were duly passed by all the concerned officials of the deptt, and also finally by the AGM, and the vouchers wwere genuine.I was charged that I prepared fraudulent vouchers for credit to Sundry Deposit account of the Bank by reversing I committed frayd, the vouchers were duly pased by the two different AGMs of the Bank, In addition no auditors have given any adverse remark against me at any point of time, I am rated to be very efficient officer in all my Annual onfidential Reports. I am filng a Petition challenging the Dismissal Order of he Bank