Partner took an investment 90% of which went to expenses like rent and all which i wasnt told of . 10% of it went on building the ecommerce store which was my call but we ended up wasting money and a lot of time and couldnt develop it . Nothing is on paper . Now we have hired a 3rd party which has developed it . I want out now but my partner is not willing to let me go because i am the technical person . reasons for me going out is that my partner has threatened me twice , once he said he will do something when things were getting delayed , next time he said he will fuck everyone and once he said he keeps a gun in his car and after 4-5 seconds started laughing and is very pushy . he says he lost his credibilty and all n cant let me go at this point and is pushy and says to pay up for the losses and still keeps on asking me to do this and that work . there is no paperwork involved . i have tried explaning him but he is not willing to listen and i am under a lot of stress because of him . he is from an influential family . what should i do ?