gomala land in anekal taluk,karnataka

A 4 acre land in Anekal taluk,jigani hobali,ragihalli village in survey no 45 was granted to one Mr.Shankarappa in 1950-51 by the government of karnataka , there after it was surveyed and made into blocks ,then the survey number became Sy.No.45/332. Shankarappa gave that land to Bhogya to one Mr.Mankrappa . Subsequently the RTC (pahani) entries were done in the name of Mankarappa,as Mr.Shankarappa was ignorant and in that time period land value was minimal. Mankarappa died issueless. His brother's (3 brothers) jointly inherited that land and enjoyed for 30,40 years and sold the entire extent to Party A, then Party A sold the lands to Party B. Party B also Sold the lands to party C recently . Now the revenue records are standing in the name of party C. Now my question is what about Mr.Shankarappa's role here in this case. Shankarappa is dead now. I am a public person not related to this land in any way. Should this land go to government legally according to Karnataka Land Revenue Act or the land should go to Shankarappa's children? Can I try to draw the attention of DC or Can I file a Writ Petition in High Court of Karnataka to take the land to government hand?