Reliance billing fraud

I used a Reliance internet connection for 3 months in 2012 in Pune(Maharashtra). I filed a termination request on Date- 2/5/2012 with Request no- 178431812. This is present in their records. After two year of filing the termination request , I am getting this mail from their legal dept. that I have an outstanding bill. At that time I cleared all my bill and filed for the termination request. But some person in their customer service has closed my request without terminating my account. Their billing department was sleeping since past two year as I got no billing information for 2 year on my registered mail ID. Suddenly after two years their legal department is coming back to me and giving me this non sense email of threatening me (refer the mail below). I called your customer care and have again filed a request for termination Date 12-sept-2014 Req ID 224901848 Regards, Neeraj Mail Sent By Reliance ADV AMIT KULKARNI (B.S.L.LL.B) WITHOUT PREJUDICE Ref No:- 180++/PUN/1024/sept/2014 Name :- MR PARMAR NEERAJ Address: - Subject:- Demand Notice for Recovery of Outstanding Dues Account ID -[deleted] E-mail ID [deleted] Dear Sir/Madam, M/s. Reliance communication Limited (hereinafter referred to as reliance broadband), which is a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its Circle Office at 7th floor, Kumar cerebrum, Next to Iadlabs Multiplex kalyani nagar, Pune 411001 serve you this notice of demand, the contents whereof you may note as detailed herein below- 1. Reliance communication Limited is a leading Unified Access Service Provider in India and provides various Telecom and other services in various telecom circle in India by virtue of Licenses granted by Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India. 2. A connection was allotted and sanctioned to you on your request on a duly executed Customer Application Form and other related forms/documents ("Agreement" hereinafter). The aforesaid connection and account ID was allotted to you. You availed best of the service/s provided by Reliance communication (Maharashtra) Limited after activation of the said connection. 3. As per the terms of the Agreement, you were under an obligation inter-alia to make payments of the periodic bills raised by Reliance communication (Maharashtra) Limited upon you in respect of the availed services. However, inspite of the receipt of the said bills, you have grossly failed to make the due payment in time. Due to the non-payment of your legitimate dues, Reliance communication (Maharashtra) Limited was compelled to bar/suspend/disconnect your aforesaid connection. We, therefore, call upon you on behalf of Reliance communication (Maharashtra) Limited to pay the outstanding amount of Rs. [Opt3] /. within Five (5) days of the receipt of this notice, failing which Reliance communication (Maharashtra) Limited, shall be constrained to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you at your absolute costs, risk and consequences. This notice shall stand withdrawn soon after your payment is realized by our company, as mentioned herein above. Please ignore this notice if you have already done the payments. In case of any queries, please contact Mr vinayak & gauri -[deleted]/[deleted] employee of our Authorized Collection Agency M/s Pratik Associate (Monday to Saturday Between 10 am to 6 pm) Sincerely, For Reliance communication (Maharashtra) Limited Service Operations ."