Divorce CHances

Hello Sir, I am Anup from Delhi. This inquiry is regarding a lady friend of mine. She stays with her 2 children (daughter 14 years and son 6 years) and her parents (both retired and senior citizens). She has been married for last 15 years and has 2 kids. Her husband has been very abusive in the begining . He has sobered down. Last six/seven years he has been working in UAE and his family is in India. He doesn't give any monetary support to his family except giving school fees of children that also if asked to. The house they have in Ghaziabad Indirapuram is in his name. The down payment of the house was given by his father in law and rest was paid by him through loan. Before going abroad he had taken few personal loans which he never paid back. It was repaid by his wife. Now this lady is fed up of this life and wants to divorce him but since the house is in her husband's name, she is afraid that she won't have a place to stay. She is afraid to speak to anyone about this so I am speaking on her behalf. Kindly advice what are the possibilities and what can be done.