harrasing my husband and his family

My husband and his family members are harrasing me.My marriage date nov 30 2012 marriage after with in one month only i got problems.it was solve with parents again after 3 months of my marriage i went to my husband through counseling only now again he was creating problems his mother, sister and unkles what they will tell he will leason that only he also creating some problems what can i do i want to live with my husband.We called again counseling center through lette if u will not come counseling means we will take legal step against u that counsling center members told after one week he called counseling center and he told he kept case against me and we will talk in court only. I went one advocate i gave my husband phone number once talk with him he talked my husband told with my advocate we doesnt kept any case we told false he told after then he told my husband advocate talked with my advocate about mutual conset divorce my husband was interested but i dont want divorce i want to live with my husband husband my advocate to first you keep MC case i done that only.I dont want to keep any cases against my husband thats why i kept MC only i am house wife i dont have a money to live MC first hearing date is 27 oct 2014 25 days back my husband send me a legal notice in that they wrote all false alligations against me he was telling i only torturing him i dosent gave any complaint they wrote i gave complained to police station and telling you applogies and join with me other wise acept for Mutual consent divorce can i give for reply for that leagal notice or not.My advocated is telling no need to give rply.I asked some other some members are telling to give rply some one are telling no need to give rply why because you filed MC case hearing also this month only thats why no need to give rply.If he file divorce case means what i can do please give me a good suggestion.