Eviction f tenant within the leave n licence agreement

I hv rented my flat in kondhwa,pune area to a person from up purely for residential/family stay purpose on 12 july,16 with a 2months deposit and monthly rent of rs 12000/-. thro a freelance broker(whom i knw since past 2yrs) he has paid rent ony for aug,16 and sept and oct month is pending. he dos not answer my phone calls and i hv been urging him to vacat my flat since past month.last had a talk with him on 4th oct and demanded that e vacate my flt as he has admitted that he had sub-rented my flat to bachelors of dubious charactor. i hv demanded that he vacate my flat in next 6days. he is presently hooked up in bijnor,up. also my broker is missing fm last 20days and refuses to take my calls. also the tenant does not answer my calls all thhe time. i hv approached the police, and on their verbal advise i hv put my lock on the main door which is only closed by night latch, as no one comes to stay in my flat fm past 10-12 days. i hv submitted my application/complaint to police which heyr hv accepted and given me signed copy. i need yr advice on further course of action, so that i can get bck proper possession of my flat soonest, as presently the tenant items couldbe inside my flat...many thanks in advance...yusuf.m.pardiwalla