divorce and child with mother(serious issue) kindly help me

myself s. rajalakshmi living in vellore, tamil nadu M.Tech, working as a Asst Prof in a esteemed university, married to a person B.E, living in chennai, doing civil works in july 10th 2009.. My father late. I have mother only, she is retired teacher. My sister Inlaw working as a IAS officer in Chennai presently, one mother in law. during my marriage my parents gave 51 savaran gold for me and 10 savaran for my hub and a car worth of 5 lakhs and 1.5 lakh as a cash. After marriage (from day one) i am living in my parents house as they said after 3 years building their own house they will call me. during week ends i used to go to chennai.I am earning and giving my salary(around 8 to ten lakhs) to hub form day one of marriage. i gave birth to a boy baby of age 1 now, who is a test tube baby with egg donation to me.(i and my hub both of us only planed for that) My problem now is 1. what ever money i and my parents gave, they are saying u dindt give, they are beating me, scolding me, ill treating me with words and actions just becoz of money(my mother in law and hub) 2. they are not allowing my child to touch him, to hug him , to keep with me to giver food. 3. during weeks end when i go, they are allowing me inside home, asking me to sit in varanda near dogs. 4. i fought alone, next my mom came and fought,, next step my relative came and fought, but my hub and mother law beaten them and pushed them out of home. 5. my hub is always threatening me that he will get married to next person. 6. they are always scolding , threading, and beating me........... after my baby born. 7. i and mom spend 12 laksh for IVF baby, but they are saying that they have spend, 8. at last they are asking me to quit my job. 9. my IAS sister knows every thing, she is also threading me trying to beat me. 10.i and my mom dont have any savings with me. my question is 1. i want to apply for divorce, and get my belongings and property. 2. as my baby is test tube baby , can i get my baby.