Can she remarry?

My friend (christian) married 15 years ago in an Arya Samaj Temple to a Hindu boy. She has not converted to Hinduism. The marriage was not registered, however there is a certificate issued by Arya Samaj. They lived together as husband and wife. However, the marriage deteriorated over the years and they have now filed for divorce by mutual consent. My friend has immigrated to Australia while her husband is still in India and aware of her immigration. The final date for divorce is expected to come up in a couple of months. In the meanwhile she has met someone and wishes to remarry. Question 1: She has been given to understand that the Arya Samaj marriage, unless registered, is not legal. Is that true? Question 2 : While her divorce is still a few months away, can she re-marry immediately (if her previous marriage is not legal and valid, that is). Question 3 : Can her husband create problems for her if she re-marries immediately without the divorce coming through? Will such re-marriage create any difficulties and therefore possible deportation?