Extra marital affair of husband

My husband is having an affair with the lady working with him.I asked thousands of time but never admit about his relation with that lady.If i ask something about them he physically and mentally torture me and tells me to live his house but few days back i got his memory card in which i found some dirty pics of my husband with that lady which clearly shows his relation with that lady.i had many proofs of how he physically tortured me but when he found that i got some pics he chewed my memory card. Now i have only pics of his extra marital affair.what should i do ?? my family says if i file complaint against him it takes more that 2-3 years which my family don't want so they want me to file a mutual divorce case and my husband is ready for that but i want him to realize his mistake what he has done to me. He never gave me a single penny for household expenses but he gave gold chain to that lady i have pic of that bill also.my question is that if i file a divorce from mutual consent can I do anything else i mean any other case can i file so that divorce case is settled in less time but other case have some impact on him so as to realize he has done very wrong.