In Private meeting wife asking for divorce and filing U/s 9 RCR

I am 32 yrs old and my wife 29 yrs old. we have one kid of 3 yrs My wife and me are living separately from last 1 and 1/2 year before that my wife withdrawn partially from family duties of husband. She left my house when i was seriously ill. I tried a lot for reconciliation but it never worked. Then finally 2 months back there parent visited our house told intention of divorce and asked to return all the goods of my wife. we denied and told that post completion of divorce we will handover all the things. we insisted for return but they refused and threatened to give divorce peacefully. then they have filed case of RCR. Now i have few questions here 1) what precaution should i take to counter ill intentions if any are (spy cam and voice recorder good option) 2) She had stopped any kind of relationship post child birth but attended my family function. she shows her good nature in public and threatens me in private. how can i counter this. 3) can i get visit permission for my child before case settle 4) she had made serious allegation like demand torture and chronic alcohol abuse in her petition. how i can defend allegation 5) is there any legal means by which I can get control of her communication with parent which is causing problem in our matrimonial life. 6) I just got sms I haven't got any notice for my first court date. shall i appear in court on that basis