partition of property

hello, this is vani. my dad expired intestate on march 30th 2014, I have a elder brother and a elder sister. My sister and I are married for 10 and 5 years respectively. My brother is living with my mom. we thought of arranging marraige for my brother and executed the same in august 2014. My mom, brother, sister and I thought of distributing Dad's property equally among ourselves because it was intestate. All 4 agreed for the same. But soon after marraige my brother changed completely against us and says the entire Dad's property is his own and we dont get a share since we got married and living with my husbands. Even he iltreats mom by saying mom can lead life on pension and no share will be given to her. Moreover he argues that what ever has to be given was settled to us by dad during his time and we are not supposed to ask him shares. My dad didn't settle anything during his time. We want our share and justice for me, my mom and sister. he is now iltreating and using badwords and says we are outsiders to him. we are in deep pain. please do sujjest us.