Domestic violence , abuse, molestation and mental torture case.

We got married on 9th may 2016. My husband is H1B holder and I came to US on dependent visa on 5th june2016. He took a huge amount of money on my wedding as dowry from my family. Then also he and his family used to abuse me a lot. He even hit me hurt me brutally many times. My family is purely vegetarian family , knowing this also he forced me to drink and eat nonveg and if i don't do that he use to beat me up.Already two Police complaints had been filed against him and final judgement awaited. After this also he tortured me so much that I got a miscarriage and send me to the mental hospital , forced me to even commit a suicide and threatened me for my life and my family life too in India. And now he left me abandon in US and left the country too . I am staying in a temple in US fearing my life. My questions are: 1. Can my family file a case against him in India? 2. If yes , what charges they can press on him and his family? 3.And how my presence will effect the case? 4. What documents do I require from the US court , hospitals etc? As they have did a lot to me in this 5months so I want to file a strong case against them . Please help me out how can I do so.