Cheated for Money in the name of love, She transmitted STI's

I have a very strange situation, I met a girl who's working in MNC, who's gold medalist in her masters. In few days I have been so much in Love with her, after one month she left her Job, went back to her home town. We have been talking on phone everyday for 3-4 hrs. I came to know that she already dating another guy in her city, we fought over phone and get back. I trusted her so much that I never said no for any thing, in 2 months I have gave her 1 lakh cash and 2 credit cards 1.7 lakhs. To meet her I used to travel in car once every month. On 27th May we got intimate and I was infected with Sexually Transmitted Disease. When I confronted, she said She did not know how she got it and said sorry for tranmitting. I did suffered a lot physically due to STDs she transmitted and I had to spent around 40K rupees. I was more broken mentally, dispressed because she cheated me so badly. I felt like comitting suicide, tried twice. I started asking questions, she never answered instead she said started threating me, if I dont give her 1 lakh rupees and Iphone 6s, she would complain in my office (I have text messages). She even called my office thrice. I had to resign to avoid getting fired. She stoped talking to me. One day I was searching her name in google, to my shock, I found a prostitution complaint on her name in 2014. Now she got it deleted. I have screen shot of that Prostitution complaint and URL(web link). Recently she came back to Hyderabad and spoke with me and says prostitution is all over the world, she will be going US and will be doing prostitution there. I was shocked. I know how much i suffered for her mentally, and was in depression. I could not focus on my work. She never felt sorry for anything. Instead she abuses me with very filthy language. And there were several instances, that while we were talking on phone at night 11:30 pm, Man comes to their home and then she switches off the phone, when I ask she said her uncle. Even her Mom is a prostitue. I sent text message to her Mom saying how can you let your daughter to do prostitution, she says its our wish we do, who are you? I told her I will complain to police, she's is least bothered and doesn't even care. I have a call recording in which she accepted that she is doing sex for money. Even now shes is doing prostitution every day. I want her to stop becoz shes is just 26 and merit student and can get Job anywere easily. I want to know if I can get any legal help to get justice, what wrong did i do to suffer so much mentally and physically. She used me for Money. can I take any legal action against her, for cheating and tranmitting STDs knowingly. Even she promised to marry me. she used to name our kids. Is there any way that I can take any legal action on her.