Salary & disciplinary proceedings

My friend is working in a co-op. credit society. She & her another co-worker were given increment letter with change in their salary scale & their acceptance signature was taken. After comparing with their present scale they found new scale is not correct. They prepared a common letter addressing the Chairman that the scale is not correct & attached a copy of document showing present scales of total 6 workers, these two & other 4 who has left the job. There was no reply for @ 25 days. On the salary day, other lady gave resignation letter with payment of salary to society in lieu of 30 days notice & my friend was to resign on the next day as there was no reply from the concerned persons. Next day other lady was told to continue for 1 month by giving reason of her responsibility. On the same day my friend was given letter asking are to reply within 7 days saying she had used official document for her benefit & why action should not be taken against her & also mentioned that the increment was comparable. The joint letter had names of both ladies but other lady forgot to sign the latter. Can a Chairman upon advise from his Manager & Consultant directly send such letter. Or he should tell his manager to explain the new scale to both employees. Also other way should not Manager/consultant advise Chairman, that workers are confussed & the should be explained on the subject? The document was related to both workers & attached to support their claim. Also they wanted to give information to the new board of directors & Chairman as they are elected for 5 years tenure ,also Manager/ Consultant are recently joined. Has my friend committed a crime? Is she liable for action? Does this direct letter in harsh language by Chairman becomes a topic of female worker mental & emotional harrasment at workplace. Does Chairman comes under scanner for following advise by his Manager & Consultant blindly? Or only his Manager & Consultant are to be blamed? Please give your right advise as to what what my friend should do next, points to be covered in her reply, can she appoint a lawyer to answer directly, when can she give her resignation, if her other co-worker writes a letter that her name also was there bur forgot to sign it & similar action can be taken, will this help or worsen the matter & other important things to get out of this humiliating problem.