How to Bring back my wife.

I have a girlfriend since nov2011 and we are in deep love since last 5years. After that we got marriage in may2013. Bt we didn't done any marriage registration for that marriage. Only some of my is there as a proof for my marriage. And we didn't tell about our marriage to anybody. At that time she is stayed in hostel which is near to my house for her studies. At that time she is a major also. From the beginning of my love we are maintaining physical relationship also. We are regularly meet in various hotels from that time. At that time in sep2013 she got pregnancy. At that time she is forced me to do the abortion bt iam not interested to do the abortion. Finally she is convinced me to do the abortion because of her unmarried elder sister's marriage and her future life. In dec2013 I did the abortion and I lost my 18weeks baby boy. After that we both r staying in in residential apartment in Hyderabad by living together for the purpose of jobs since Jan2015 to sep2015. My brothers son is also staying with me in my flat And her sister also staying for a month in sep2015. Their parents think my relationship is only friendship. After that we both are coming to my home town because of our job changes. Iam living with my parents and I joined my wife in a hostel near to my hometown. And her village is 450kms far away to my town. We both are lived very happily together since jun2016. In that month she resigned her job for the job pressures. And gone to her home town. In last month we both are revealed about our relationship in houses. My parents accepted my relationship. Bt her parents not accept my relationship. I also used to convey her mother and sister by phone. Bt they didn't accept my relationship and they are speaking very rudely and scolded me and they shows the reason of caste differences. Here what iam shocked is my wife also convinced by her parents and she also not telling to her parents about our marriage. Now she is living with her parents now. And she changed her phone numbers n blocked my all social network I'd s. Now I want the legal advise from you and how to get my wife. And I don't have marriage proofs and only my friends are there at the time of marriage. And I have only proofs of 1) at the time of abortion doctor certificate and medical test reports mentioned as my wife. 2) residencial proof in Hyderabad where we both are living in apartment flat given by apartments association. Is this enough to get my wife. Plz give me legal advise to get my wife back.