Question about special marriage act

I m student of age 23 from pune..i did inter religion marriage 2 years befor by special marriage act due to bride is jain marwari and groom myself is muslim..but after 2 years girl do not want to live with me as her parents are threatning her so we decided by mutual understanding that we ll not not live ogether & now also from the date of marriage we are living our respective parents house only not together..we thought that in future at some better settlment of both of then we will tell our parents bt that dsnt worked.. now we decided to do arrange marriage with respect to parents choice but the problem is girls parents dnt allow her to go out side of the she is not able to come to court for divorce so at this condition what should we do?? Is there any problem if we do second marriage?? we both will not harm each others life so this is not the issue for both of us but the certificate we have from court will be create any problem for us?? we vanished that document also but wen we ll do second marriage and we ll go to apply muncipal corporation to get the marriage certificate is there any problem will occured or not?? there our partner will come to know about our first marriage or not??