Got duped by pandiyan grama bank

Respected Sir/Madam, My name is S.Soundararajan ,living in KARUR in TAMILNADU. I used to go to jewel auctions conducted by banks and participate in those jewel auctions. Likewise,I went to jewel auction conducted by " PANDIYAN GRAMA BANK " --(Sponsored by INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK) -----Cantonment branch , Tiruchirappalli on 09.08.2016 at 4 pm onwards. In that jewel auction,along with my friend S.Manohar I took 2 stone studded old ornaments weighing apporoxmately 68 grams for Rs.110260. My friend Manohar from Manachanallur Trichy signed the relative documents and myself witnessed the transaction and all those document records are kept by bank itself. Branch manager received the bid amount in bank manager's cabin itself and not allowed me to deposit the auction amount in bank's cash counter. After paying money and receiving the ornaments,as per our usual procedure, I melted those ornaments . Suddenly I found that they were fake ones. There was only 15.99% of gold found in that melted bar. Pandiyan Grama Bank , Cantonement Tiruchirappalli branch manager cheated me by selling fake jewelry in the name of gold jewel auction . After melting process,the time was too late.So,On the next day I went to the the bank branch and complained to the branch manager. He said "please give me some time , I will bring the person who pledged the jewels to the bank and get the recovery amount from him ". But the manager said the same reason everytime I enquired. . After waiting for a long time I wish to bring this matter into your keen and kind observation . I came to know that these type of malpractices had already taken place in this bank branch two years ago and the dispute between ex-appraiser and bank management relating this type matter was in police's action till currenty nowaday. I was got duped by "Pandiyan Grama Bank" in the jewel auction conducted by them. Please do me a favor to get the amount cheated by "Pandiyan Grama Bank ,Cantonment branch Tiruchirappalli ". I dont know whom to approach to get a corrct solution.So,Plese help me by forwarding this mail to appropriate department and to get compensate for this legally cheating made by bank please give me a draft for making complaint to police and others I hereby,have attached the paper ad given by bank,melted bar and its lab result. Thanking you. Yours faithfully S.Soundararajan ?