Notice to vacate, eviction and tenant rights in that case

Dear Ma'am/ Sir I signed a 24 month leave and lease agreement as a tenant starting in July 1st 2016. In the 2nd month of the lease i was suddenly given a notice due to a facebook post where I was inviting another person to take up a room in the 2BHK. They said its a case of subletting. 2 month notice was given. i said I was unaware that this is something so grave and will correct it. They did not give any hearing and were strict about the notice. I am a single lady and it caused a lot of trauma to me. I started looking again but haven't found anything suitable yet because of the severe bias against singles in this city. Meanwhile i met with an accident too and that is causing me a lot of mental and financial stress. I told them politely that i need more time but they are repeatedly pressurizing and harassing. What is my recourse under this situation considering everything? Going 2 months back on subletting objection, is that so severe? Can it be proven? Can I challenge the notice too? I would eventually like to move out of here but what can i do to save my dignity and sanity in the meanwhile? Please advise Many thanks Sunanda