Any legal option to remove legal obligation to maintain father?

My parents are currently in the middle of domestic violence and divorce cases. Without a doubt, due to my father's actions our family of four is currently suffering, where only my father is working and everyone else is dependent on him. Due to litigation, I often have to assist my mother in court proceedings, visit lawyer, police station etc which kills my time. I am a student and I cannot afford to ruin my education further due to litigation but I often have to take responsibility as an elder son and help mother as much as possible. I haven't taken sides, my father is willingly going solo denying every help offered. My education is already ruined due to my parent's/father's ignorance and negligence in the past. Since I have personally cut off all ties from my father and have no interest to support such a father in the distant future, in his old age, considering how he is constantly troubling us and ruining my education, can I, in advance, disassociate myself of legal obligation to support him under any provisions of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007?