My wife filed 377 on me, 354 on my father after sending divorce

How I can escape from 377 and how my father can save himself from 354. My wife was not living with me from last 2 years after the birth of a girl child. I got married on 29th June, 2012. After marriage I was also studying my PhD in computer engg and I taught her also for one year in some girl's university 50 km away from my house, but in between she took all gold made by my father and never came back that gold. After staying 6 months we went her home and she came by saying this that i will return gold only when i will give birth of a child. She never return the gold and even after pregnant, in 8th month her mother forced my mother when she were alone at my home for getting medical file (file which had all check-ups before delivery), but my mother didn't give that file to her mother. Her mother came with her second daughter and with some boys at my home. Her mother did her delivery but we reached that time we stayed in hospital for 10 days and even then my wife did not come with me and took my baby also. I went two three times to her home but didn't come with me also after six month of birth of my child i again went to a hospital where baby was admit due to some infection again staying 5 days she didn't come with me and again went to her mother's home. From last 2 years she were not with me so I sent divorce notice, she is not receiving that notice, in between she filed FRI against my family in which she wrote 498, 377 on me, 354 on my father. I am not in government job, i am pursuing my PhD in computer engg. Now investigation is going on . Wife is not in govt. job. What should I do for [deleted] ? Police will arrest in these matters ? what should i do?