Want divorce and child custody and child future money

Respected Sir, I would like to inform that I got married in 2013 and became pregnant after 6 months. My inlaws and my husband have betrayed me a lot. Soon after my marriage their secret reveled. I came to know my mother in law was Catholic and married to muslim men and became muslim. After some years they faced financial prob there used to be daily fight between them my mom in law went abroad and started working there. They both got separated without divorce. And again my mom in law became Catholic.My husband, brother in law,and sister in law were in mumbai with my mother in law sister.. She made them Catholic but my husband was little mature so he did not become. They did not tell us all this before my marriage got fixed. My husband is totally with my mother in law side. She and my sis in law harassed me like any thing and husband never supports me most of the time he be's at abroad. And only listens to my in laws side. When I was pregnant my in laws treated me very badly they made me slave. They force me to become Catholic which I always refuse. My husband also demotivated and underestimated all the time.and harassed me. I am a typical muslim women whenever I used to tell my husband of all this even he used to take his mom's side..and forced me to drink alcohol, pork with them. Finally when I was carrying 6 months I called my mom and told abt all this.. They were all shocked and took me with them. Till know they have not given me single peny and I have a 1 and a half year son.my husband is not ready to live separately. Once they had come to my home for patch up and to his son.i went with them I Gave them 3 chances but they did not change. I want divorce from him as I would not want my son to live in such a bad atmosphere and also wants his custody. They are rich but still they kept me empty stomach for some days. If I from front give divorce will I be in fault but really I'm fed up and want money from him for my son's future.plz suggest.what file should I case. I'm facing financial prob since recently my dad got paralyzed so could not afford private advocate.