Can we sell our propert without giving to females

Sir We got some ancestral property consists of a house 700sqcm and land of 10 acres.Actually this was inhered as paternal property by my grandfather(father of my father),he had 4 sons and 6 daughters.My grandfather died in 1999.But unfortunately my father and his brothers not made any partitions of above said property even my grandfather did not write and any will with registration. Now supreme court passed recently an act ( the Supreme Court has said that the 2005 amendment in Hindu law will not give property rights to a daughter if the father died before the amendment came into force. The court held that the amended provisions of the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, could not have retrospective effect despite it being a social legislation. The court said the father would have had to be alive on September 9, 2005, if the daughter were to become a co-sharer with her male siblings.) I request you to inform me can my father and his brothers divide the above said property and sell it to any beneficiary without making partition for females.