RCR of any help????

Dear All, Please help me with the legal solution for the problems I am facing. We had an arranged marriage(special marriage) in 2015, January. 8-10 after marriage my husband got back to UK (London) to join his job there, as decided before marriage. I stayed with my MIL for 1 and a half months and after that due to some ritual I went to my paternal home for a month. I extended my stay for 15 days extra as my husband was to come back in the month of May, first week. During this period after our marriage there was a very formal connection we used to have. I was literally worried for this. And used to tell my parents about my unhappiness. I was suspecting that my husband wasn't going to make my visa processed. But as my father called and asked him about the process he started working on it. Somehow I came to know later when we started staying together that he wanted his mom as well to join us with me. But due my father's call he had to process it before his mother's visa. His entire family was unhappy. They came to my paternal home for a huge debate over pity issues. My parents got furious as my in laws and husband were sounding very kiddish. At the end the whole discussion turned into fight. My parents didn't allow me go. But still my MIL and my husband somehow snatched me from my parents and even I went with them as I didn't want any issues. My husband and in laws were angry on me because of this whole issue. After a week my husband I left for UK. But he was still unhappy. I could gauge his anger. During our stay there he used to be nice sometimes and used to fight for no reasons. I was really confused of his behaviour. I wasn't sure whether he wanted this marriage or not. In between the fights he used to tell me to leave from there and used to tell me to go back to India. I was very sad and confused with his behaviour. After 3 months I once told my parents about his behaviour. My father called him to ask him the reason but again due to the heated discussion it all went wrong and my husband was very rude with my dad that he said I don't want your daughter and she is not good for anything. I am sending her back, keep her at your home. I was devastated to hear this from my father. But I still had patience and went back to home quietly. Nothing serious happened between us as I told him whatever happened between u and my father is not my concern. You both should have thought of your relationship. I don't want to suffer the consequences. After 5 months of my stay at UK, my MIL came to stay with us. She wasn't happy with the helping nature of her son. She used to insult me in front of his friends. I made it very clear to both of them that I don't want the past to ruin the present. But she wasn't cooperative with me. Due to her unresponsive behaviour I did only formally spoke to her. By the end of her visit she created my bad image again that my husband started fighting with me for no reasons and started telling me that I will have to leave UK. When I denied he said either you leave or I will leave from here. Or we will stay separately in this city. Since I was already under the state of confusion about his behaviour and was scared for the something bad. I left from UK the very next day. I booked my tickets on my own. I was in no condition to take this anymore and was crying like a child. I wasn't in the condition to think practically so I left from there. Though my husband and MIL came to drop me till the airport(as formality) my husband never asked me to stop. When I got back to India I didn't file any case or complain against him. I was waiting for his calls or messages but nothing came from his end. I was scared to call him as I thought he might behave arrogantly again and that will ruin my mental condition to the worse. My husband came to India after 5 mnths. There was an initiative from there side about the problem. We met and discussed the whole issue. As I was already decided that I want to give a second chance I did not complain much about him. I wanted everything to be sorted. But his family was angry and were scolding on my father, I told my father to be calm. After the first meet, my uncle and other family member met with my husband to make him realise that things have not gone bad and everything can be sorted out easily. But his family is being stubborn now. I went to there place before two months with one of my uncle but they refused to let me stay. They were stubborn on a counselling for both of us and a written letter from my parents stating, my parents will be held responsible for any future mishap if ever happens to me. I was crying in front of them as they were very rude to me and my uncle. Again due to this insult I took my bag and asked my uncle to leave their house. I did not contact my husband or in laws as I was depressed due to their harsh words about me. My husband called me again after 10 days to ask about counselling. I made it clear to him that there is nothing wrong between him and me but the families. And I tried several times to tell him that if we both join back things can be easily worked out. But he again started shouted shouting on cal and asked me for my decision I told him that I want to stay with you but he replied that he doesnt want to stay. In between he was telling all his issues to me which I was answering this time. He asked me 3-4 times about my decision I said the same. Then he disconnected the call. There has been no contact since then. Friends of mine are suggesting me to talk to him. But the issue is that whenever I talk to him shouts at the peak of his tone(Mostly over the call). Which is unbearable to me. Now that we are staying separately from last 8 months. I am not sure what should I do. As his family is very cunning and none of them want him to understand that I am loyal in the marriage. I haven't filed any case as well as I don't want any risk. my relatives suggest me to go to PS so that they will be scared and let me come in. My query here is what if I just go to my MIL home again? He must have left for UK Would she or my bro in law take any actions against me? What if they do not allow me to come in? I am doing this again and again as I find this only as solution to the doubts of my husband. Please reply, with the concequences of it. Also is there any other way out?