Education loan interest charged from beginning of study -- Reg

Dear sir, My Education loan interest charged from beginning of study in my BE course .I am asked to Canara Bank about this but they told as its a rule of canara bank . In the budget for 2014-15 in Lok Sabha, Finance Minister of India announced interest subsidy for the education loans granted prior to 31st March 2009 . I am eligible for subsidy ,but the the bank without intimate me ,went to court . So now its a court case on me for edu loan. I go to settlement because of their torture. I am got only 2 lakhs on 2007 But now they told to pay 4.5 lakhs. Finlay they give settlement letter for 3 lakhs within 3 month. I also payed 50 thousand in last month for settlement . I need to pay remain 2.5 lakhs within 10.12.2014 . Kindly help me to recover my interest subsidy,File a case against Canara Bank for giving this much of interest rates & involved me to court for the case .I need solution for this . So tell me is this is possible ? Can you help reg this ? I attached relevant doc in the following link, Thanks& Regards, Balasubramanian D