Refund of Booking Amount Against Plots

Hi, I have booked 2 Plots in Bangalore in gram panchayat Khata. In the website it is mentioned that it is approved by DC Converted E-Khata, Residential zone (Yellow), Panchayat Approved, Panchayat Khata with clear titles. My Lawyer informed me to ask for E-Khata from Builder and now, builder is refusing to provide the E-Khata because they don't have it and told me that at a time only we have to ask the total documents. My questions are here: 1) Before going for sale agreement, do I have the rights to ask for any required documents at any time after booking onwards. Is it customer's rights or not? 2) Now the builder forced me to cancel the plot purchase and saying that 1% will be deducted from the total sale value/purchase of plots. Is this builder having a right to do with customers? 3) They have given me two choices to come out from this case. a) Cancellation done from customer side(means their is no 100% refund to customer). b) Go to civil court and fight for 5-10 years for the result. And you will get nothing. Please my request to all legal lawyers for providing a light on my situation, so that I will get to know exactly where I am standing. Thanks, Sunny