Query regarding an apprentice can demand for increase in stipend.

Respected sir, Our real situation is that we are the medical students of  Post graduation course of duration is 3 years in which we have to work in hospitals as apprentice & for which we get emoluments in name of stipend, that stipend is very less not fulfill our basic living standard & not even level of our qualification & post. We all are MBBS doctors minimum designation for this qualification is Medical Officer for which salary is on Pay band 3 ([deleted]+ 5400 GP+ NPA & other allowances ) everywhere in India. Sir, my query is that can we demand for increased pay from government. Is there is any legal grounds for demanding as our working hours in hospital is more than 90 hours per wk (we are working 14-15 hrs daily ), or can we demand as per our minimum designation that is equal to medical officer. In some other state like UP & Delhi are paying their Medical PG students as same as their medical officer, can we get any grounds. Kindly clear my doubt i'll be thankful to you. - Dr. Pradeep