Need advice on next step

I got married 6 yrs back and have a son of 5 yrs old. she was quiet ok for a month and after that even for small things she started fighting and using abusive words. She cries for no mater. Every time, their parents will take her and after 10 -15 days, they will find some non-sense reason for her behavior. She even tried to oblish my son when she is pregnant. It was a nightmare for me to save both. 2 Yrs back her father expired and her actions become more aggressive and her suicidal attempts doubled. In the meantime, her brothers cheated her in the property matter also. Once she committed suicide and we saved her. Her brothers discharged her without my knowledge from hospital and made a police complaint about me. Then I went to police station and explained everything to him. During her treatment in hospital, Dr’s advice to refer a psychologist. As they are not ready to share the hospital documents I refused. Then her brother took her and then I continued with treatment. It is almost 2 yrs and no improvement. Every time, their brothers, talk ill at me and her suicidal attempts are more. More affected is my son. He started hating his mother. Pl advice me what to do. Some suggests to divorce and some are telling that divorce is not possible in this case. She is treated for Borderline personality Disorder. Once I filed divorce case and is on hold.