Respondents Misleading Court - IPC 323, 354 r/w 34

Hi, A criminal case filed under IPC section 323, 354 r/w 34 in 2014 in Sessions court. Police filed chargsheet in January 2015. Since then 16 hearing happened till today (i.e. 26/9/2016). But first hearing dates are for respondent appearance only.....on 9th hearing (i.e. 9/12/2005), court issued BW/NBW orders, then next day all respondents appeared infront of court and recalled the BW/NWB orders. On 22/12/2015 respondents filed Quash petition along with Stay petition in High Court of Andhra Pradesh and it is still in pending status. No stay has been granted in high court. But respondents lawer filed a memo in Dec 2015, that the stay order is pending in High Court and will be submitting the Stay Order copies soon. Since Dec 2015, we have 8 hearing days, and on all these days they are misleading court that they are getting stay orders from High Court for next hearing day. Petitioner enquired in High Court and found that the stay order is in pending status since last Dec 2015. When petitioner approach sessions court PP, she is not taking petitioners words seriously, hence court is keep on giving next hearing dates. So, petitioner wants to file a Memo/Representation in that court that the respondents are trying to misleading the court since last 10 months. Could you please suggest how to put memo/representation in court? Because petitioner side lawyer is PP, and she is not taking things seriously. Shall petitioner have representation on her own and submit to court on the date of next hearing? If any template for Memo/Representation, could you pls share it with us. Apart from PP, shall we put Memo with any other lawyer. If yes, will PP get any negative impression on petitioner?