Illegal Use of my PAN number by Financial Institutions

Two years back I came to know that same PAN (BRBPS5266B) has been used by two different individuals with different fathers name, photo and signature but with same name and date of birth. I've taken up this with incometax department and on the basis of old user they have allocated this PAN number to me and have given order second person to surrender there PAN and apply for new one. Since second person and has taken lots of financial liability and not regular in repaying the loans/liabilities he have taken from different financial institutions so CIBIL score of the PAN is very depraved. When I got authority letter from Income tax department immediately I've intimated second person not to use my PAN and financial institutions to stop/remove illegal transaction on my PAN for other person who is not authorized to use my PAN since Apr-16 but no/partial action have been taken till date by ICICI Bank, PNB Bank, Kotak Mahindra bank. Which in term is impacting to my CIBIL score and still I'm not able to fullfill my financial goals due to bad CIBIL score. SO now I want to take legal action on those financial institution who have not taken any steps even after continuous folloup and intimation on illegal use of my PAN and second person to.