Marriage registered in India - received divorce decree in USA.

My husband and I had a registered court marriage in India in April 2009. After that we had a wedding in Nov.2009 according to Hindu rituals. I joined my husband in the USA after the Hindu wedding in Nov. My husband filed for a divorce in India in Sept. 2013 while both of us were still in the USA on green card. Thus, I filed a case in USA around the same time. We recently received a divorce decree from the US court. However, the Indian case is still pending (I have not submitted any statement whatsoever to Indian court at any time, the case just kept getting dates and has prolonged since filing). My husband was supposed to be dismissing the Indian case upon receiving divorce decree from US court, which he hasn't. We have to exchange some jewelry in India per the US court order - but his parents are currently in India and have asked for additional time to do so. Our upcoming India court date is in Nov. Unfortunately, I have to sign off on certain documents here in the USA, which mainly involves clearing the title on home that has been awarded to him. I do want a divorce in India too - so that no party can claim either in future, since our marriage is registered in India. Please advice on what options are available and best way to get divorced in India in the shortest possible time without any further legal actions. Is it better to have him dismiss the case first and then ask/file for divorce in India or file the US decree in the Indian court on the Nov. court date without dismissing the case? I am currently in USA. Appreciate your advice and time. Thank you.