Can I put a domestic violence case against my husband and in laws

My husband has applied for divorce stating reasons as mental and physical harassment by me which is totally false. Can I now put a domestic violence case against him and my in laws? Will it not be considered or will it be termed as retaliation? I have some calls recorded where my husband has yelled against me and my father and some messages where he has demanded me to agree for few conditions like completing cooking within 1PM, attending all their family functions, not doing any work from home, and washing all the dishes that fall into the sink. Also he has written 6 pages of stories against me and shared it across my cousins on Facebook which I have a copy of. I have a son who is 2 years old. I had very difficult time for a month managing my baby who was an year old and his parents with all the household work with no external help. I have quit my job twice because of his adamancy. I am a BE and MS degree holder. Stopping me from continuing with work has been the major reason for the split apart from the cruel behavior of my MIL. My husband had denied my documents when I wanted to join a new job and my brother tried to talk to him but it failed. My husband pleaded me and returned my documents after I threatened to go to the police. I went back to his home after all this but to only find out that his rage could affect my son. My in laws were hell bent on convincing me to quit my job and do all the household work and attend functions with them. My husband sent me out of the house by trying to convince my parents about an affair with my ex-manager which was his imagination. After a few months again his relatives came to my parents playing the drama of helping us and concluded that I must live with him in a separate house and stop working till my son grows a little older. We agreed but the next day again my husband started putting up FB status indicating that a common male friend had tried to poke his nose in our family matters. He got to know that I spoke to that friend through my mobile call details as my husband owned my mobile number. My husband had blocked my calls thrice because he owned my number. There have been other instances like demanding loan amount from me for a site that is in my name and loan is in his name. I was in no position to pay the loan as I did not earn. He asked my permission to sell the site but I denied as my parents were ready to take the loan but we found the loan was not tranferable. My parents had made some initial investment on it. If we sold the site they would lose their money. My in laws have told their relatives that I was mentally ill and my husband was taking me to a psychiatrist while the truth was we were attending couple counseling. After all this and living apart for a few months, I was sent a divorce notice alleging me of physical and mental harassment! With all such terrible happenings, I am trying to be strong and get back to a job. Will I ever get justice if I file a domestic violence case or is there any other section that can protect me and my son? I am ready to take care of my son fully and give him a divorce and I am not interested in heavy alimony. Knowing the fact that I was trying to get into a job my husband and in laws have assorted to such means so that they can ruin my mental strength. Was I wrong in trying to give him some more time to realize his mistakes and come back to us so that I could save my family? Should I repent that I did not get them penalized at the right time and now I have lost it to them and I have no choice but to agree to the divorce? I may not be in a mood to fight back and stay in their family again because I have completely lost trust in them. At the same time I do not want them to walk free making such false allegations against me.