498a rejected

Hello I have filed a 498a on my husband and in laws I have a voice recording to prove that my husband tortured me many times and bet me But i dont have any proof about my in laws Police officer called me to the police station and said he will file for chargesheet if i sign that paper, it was written in tamil and i dont know how to read tamil, he said its for formality, no need to worry. So i trusted him and i signed it But now i got to know that police has been bribed by my husband, and it is written in that paper as i admitted that i filed a false case against my in laws. So chargesheet has been filed only on my husband but not my in laws So my lawyer told that they can file a case on me now reverse Please suggest me what to do now. My husband earns 1.5 Lakhs per month, but now he is blackmailing me that he will not give me even the maintence, if i ask for it, he will file a case against me I have a girl child with me( 3 years old) i need money for her education Can i complaint about the police to higher authority. Will they help me in this matter? Will i get stuck up with cases? Please help me with this