devorce issue

Hi...Im in middle of devorce prosesss with my wife past 5 years. We seperated 8 years ago then i moved to middle east where im currently working . Im in relationship with my new partner past 4 years whos now expecting my child . My wife now using this against me claiming i have cheated on her. Does she have good grounds in court about this as we been seperated many years and when i started this relation with another woman the devorce prosesss waas on court allready. Can she claim any money settlement over this from me.Im very concerned and angry that the devoce prosess has lasted 5 years .I also now have new family on the way to concern about so how would court see my situation .Also the reason it has delayed so much the prosess is bcz my wife not showed up in 2 court hearings . Could she claim the property me and my new partner are currently having for our new life and would be our assets safe if i write them on my new partners name or maybe to our newborn babies name ...I would be happy if u could advice me regarding this... Regards Sebastian