Wife giving suicide threat need divorce

I was married in DEC 2015 , it was an arrange marriage , after few days I observed her way talking is very bad ( not respectable for my relatives and parents ). I observed her irritable nature , shouting if I can't complete her wish. she likes to eat mostly external food like pastry , chaat etc but I don't like that is one more issue b/w us . Most of the time I feel her like dip-pressed and sad , no involvement in house work and any social work . After few months she wants to separate me from my parents but I was not agree. After that one day I told her to avoid eat external food because it's not good for health and due to this she give me suicide threat . In July 2016 situation become too much critical and she gone to her father's home. her parents pointed different allegations on my parents that we are giving her mental torture that we never did actually. after that we never talked for two months . In September 2016 we communicating via our relatives . but they repeating same allegations . Her father giving us threats that take her daughter back and keep her happy otherwise he will go to court. Now I want divorce I can't live with her in my in-laws's threat pressure. I have a CCTV video evidence in witch she agreed that she given me suicide threat , 2ndly her father agreed that we never asked for any dowry they had given all things to her daughter with there own wish. Due to all this I am very depressed . please suggest we what should I do . and what happened if they will go to court .