Hello All, My boyfriend has proposed me last year, at first I did not accept him. But after he convinced me I asked him to talk to both our parents about marriage and then I can give him a commitment. He said he needs 2 years time to settle down in his career I said ok. After that he has been tried to be physical with me which I denied but he dint listen he convinced me anyways we are going get married so it's ok to be physical. He used to to touch me at in office but I dint allow him for a intercourse.I left the office because he was forcing me to have sexual relationship with him. I denied it so we used to have frequent arguments. After I left the company he got engaged without informing anyone Secretly and next month he is getting married. I tried to inform the girl but she doesn't believe me. I went to she team and complained they said they will call his parents and talk to them but he dint get his parents. I tried to file a FIR but people are saying it is a long procedure and being a girl I shouldn't go for it because I would loose all my respect. I have his messages in which he used to ask me to be physical with him. I wanted to file a fir so that police inform his parents of whatever he has done with me but they said I have to go to court whenever they call me. I seriously do not have anyone to support me so do not want yo go around court. Is there a way to file a fir talk to his parents and then close it out of court . Please advise.. I do not have much time left with me as he is going to get married next month