I live in Bangalore & got married 1 Yr 10 months before. Wife belongs to Ranchi,Jharkhand. After marriage I came to know that she has mental illness & she have been taking treatment from last 6-7 years before marriage. I contacted my in-laws & asked for the previous medical documents, they refused to give & said, there is no problem & no documents available. Then after, I stopped talking to my wife's family. I consulted to NIMHANS hospital Bangalore & started her treatment, doctor also called her parents to discuss about her past, but her parents never came. Doctor confirmed that she is having Bipolar Disorder & cannot be permanently cured but can slow down with medicines only. Wife always fights,shouts, abuses & using slang against me which a husband cannot expect. I & my family always supported her & tried to make her cured, but still she always insults me & my parents & threatening us. My life became hell. Doctor also said, it is very risky to have baby also in this disease. I am totally out of my mind. I am becoming mentally ill now. She is always threatening me, saying she will file case against me & my parents for murder or torture or beating, if I will try to leave her. I need divorce. please help me. I am helpless now. Doctor also told me once if you want to be happy leave her at her home. Please sir. Show me your valuable guidance. Please suggest me way to take divorce. I will highly grateful to you.