Is 'intent to Vacate' Notice Required on Lease End?

Hello, I entered a 12 month lease on 1st November, 2013 which is to end 31st October 2014. After a 6 month lock-in, period, There is a 30-day notice period clause in the agreement. However, it is my understanding that this applies only if I'm requesting a lease termination before 31st October 2014. And if I plan on vacating the property when the lease runs out on 31st October, 2014 - I'm not legally obligated to provide a 30 day notice. Except maybe out of courtesy. Additionally, in September, 2014 - my landlord came for a surprise inspection and while in the apartment, called her Agent and said that I (the tenant) have give my 'intent to vacate on lease end' and that he (the agent) should find a new tenant for her and also help me in finding a new place. Am i nuts to think that the owner is clearly not interested in renewing/extending the lease and is effectively putting me on notice to vacate? The landlord now however, contends that since I did not inform her in writing that i'll vacate on 31st October, she has a right to deduct a month's rent from my deposit. Is she right to do this?