Divorce filed by me 2012

Hello Sir, I have filed divorce 2012 april.i waited for my wife mutual consent for reunion but she has approached Mahila mandal and police personnel threatning me to take her back. she has appeared court hardly 4 times in 4yrs.now in 2016 she filed section 9 in her native juridiction court.i appeared twice in court and even we have tried mutual consent with mediation of both family members to seperate amicably but family now is forcing upon me to reunion.i am unwilling to stay. secondly her elder sister got married to my elder brother 14 yrs back.6 months back all family members came and with the help of local police force took elder sister with two kids to there home. still my brothers wife havent returned.forcing she is demanding or i can say forcing me for reunion.how can it be possible. now its a type of blackmailing.even with the help of local magistrate involved with them i feel they are pressurising to appear in court.i told my lawyer to make me exparty .my question is what would happen if court issue a section 9 decree from her end. my divorce petition is still going on.how can i take up both. please suggest