House property transferred in the name of wife, seeks to sell it

The facts of the case are that husband and wife got married in 2010, they started living in the house owned by the parents of the husband. a loan had been taken by the husbands elder brother wherein the guarantor was the father, in due course the news came that DRT might take over the property for non payment of loan taken and hence to avoid such circumstances the parents registered a sale deed in favor of their younger daughter in law. after one year of the sale deed she has left the house without any reason and is seeking to take possession of the property or sell the property. the sale deed is having vale of 5,00,000/- and stamp duty paid is of 90,000, wherein according to the actual cirlce rate it is valued at over 40,00,000/- and if the stamp duty is calculated at the minimum it which comes to atleast 1,40,000. the possession is still with the parents and the husband. what remedy available to stop her from selling or taking possession of the property and to have the true and actual owner of the property as parents or the brothers?