Land entered in record as govt.un -occupaied siwaichak is set aparted to Local body under section92 and allotted under section 102 of Rajasthan Land Revenue Act in the year 1997. Thereafter Revenue Court declaired khatedari right under the provisions of Rajasthan Tenency Act in the year 2007 mutaion entered in the name of khatedar who has surrender the land under section 90 A of Rajasthan Land Revenue Act for re allotment for residencial purpose in the year 2007 and order passed by competent officer accepting surrender.There after Revenue Board passed order for upholding set apart order of 1997 passed under section 92 of Rajasthan Land Revenue Act. There for at present two orders of Revenue Board one is granting Khatedai right under Rajasthan Tenency Act which became final against State Goverment because State Govt hase not challenged it and another order of Board of Revenue upholding set apart order of 1997 which order will prevail can khatedar get allotment for residential purpose under section90 A