The unusual tale of 3 deaths and 2 countries ( UK and India)

My father-in-law went to the UK after selling our house (and after giving my husband and I a Will in our favor) and set up a Company 'A' in the UK . The Company 'A' entered a contract with a major UK company 'B'. All the revenue from the 'B' to 'A' was stolen by my brother in law ( UK resident) in his personal Account. My father-in-law sensed it and before he could do anything he died suddenly. My brother-in-law used some of that money to buy in his name the home I live in at Gurgaon. My husband died and soon after my brother-in-law died too. I filed for an injunction at Gurgaon Court as I was being harassed by my UK based sister in law to leave my home of 12 years - and to prove that her husband had paid for the property from transfer from his UK Account she submitted personal Bank statements to the court. But all those Bank Statements showed deposits from Company 'B'; that were paid to Company 'A' pursuant to the contract between them and taken fraudulently by my brother-in-law in his personal Account to purchase the property. I also confirmation of proofs from the UK authorities that confirm that my brother-in-law admitted to fraud. This is verified and notarized too. I want to file a criminal complaint and also any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. The total sum of money stolen is very substantial - so any serious people who can help get in touch.