Regarding wife

Respected sir I am living with my father and mother and surfing from arthritis. Due to this I have problem for walking. I am married 10years ago. Now my problem start when my father in law died. My wife brother wants divorce from his wife but his wife demand 5 lakhhs from him. They are not able to pay my wife demand that money from my father. My father do not give that money to my wife. So my wife blame my father for false thing which they do not done. My wife do not tell me this type behaviour done my father which he doesn't do. My wife tell this thing to every boody with not informing me. When I know from my relative then I asked my wife for such thing but she do not explain any thing. When I asked my father he talked me that she daily take 100 rupee from me but when I know that her brother wants 5 lakes from me I am stopped her daily pocket money so she blame me. So I again taked my wife for same thing she tell that she going to police station and do a complaint against us. So I called her brother come with your relatives and take her sister.. But he comes alone and take his sister. Now she left my home for more then 2 month's she doesn't pick my phone. She doesn't phone to children also which are aged 7&5 years only do not want such type girls for my home who do not take care of children I also hear that she want to marry another person and give divorce to me and demand more money from my father. So I decided that I don't give divorce to her and children this is my point but I want expert opinion so I have better future for children. Please advice me