One girl proposed me last year and forced me to say yes even I told her that we could not marry with each other coz my parent was looking girl for me and she said ok I don't have problem coz I like you we can keep relation for couple of months then I will go abroad and you can also marry with other girl. after some days when I asked he to stop the relationship then she blackmailed me to stay in relation or else she will attempt to suicide. so I scared and continue relation and one day she became pregnant and she asked me to do abortion we did her laparoscopy. she told me that you marry that girl and I will go abroad but after your marriage. but she did not went. then after some time she forced me to marry I refused. now she is forced me to give divorce to my wife and marry with her. but it's not possible for me to give divorce my wife coz that girl always blackmail me for relationship. here I am guilty or that girl as per law coz I want justice. What I can do in this case. What will be the solution to get out from this situation